"Why You Need a Coach"

Are you Stuck?
Are you one of the 58 percent of individuals who are dissatisfied with your personal life and growth? Do you feel like you're stuck, unable to move forward in your professional life?
Or maybe you're still searching for clarity and revelation regarding your life purpose.

Seedplanters Coaching Services exists to help people identify and confirm life callings and vocations, activate gifts, focus on talents, strengths and natural abilities. Through the transformational coaching process people will learn how to live an authentic life that is abundantly fruitful.

Why People Hire a Professional Life Coach
People hire a coach to help them move from where they are in life to where they want to be. Some examples of this might include:

Discovering and understanding strengths and weaknesses
Clarifying new career goals or sense of “calling”
Realizing and properly utilizing gifts,, talents and abilities.
Moving forward in positions of leadership.
Moving forward in other specific goals you have set for yourself.

Any situation involving change, pursuing a dream or making a career move can benefit from a coaching relationship. Your decision to live up to a chosen goal or standard provides the fuel we need to generate a strategic plan that moves you forward in personal and professional excellence.

Coaching should not be confused with mental health therapy or treatment which focuses on reducing symptoms of psychological problems. Coaching has a future orientation and is focused on helping well-functioning individuals achieve specific goals they have set for themselves. Interested in conversations with the coach? Email me: Coachkaye1@aol.com